Saturday, December 11, 2010


In week 3 I did the mid-term writing exam on thursday.Although it only takes a small proporty of the total score ,it still important and simon will give some advices back based on our writing content.It is not common for me to write a English essay more than 500 words.In the previous writing tasks in REW ,we only need to achieve a 300-words essay in 60 mins.So before the exam I thought writting a essay more than 500 words might be a chanllenge .however after the exam I felt happy because the writing is not really hard.Maybe more I practice ,the more easy the writing is. For me I do not scared of a lack of inspiration , I only scared to make too many mistakes in my essay,such as gramma erros. I will try my best to reduce some potiental erros in my essay in the future.

Our class E7k welcome the new teacher David who is very kind and humour.In his class we will never feel boring,because he can bring lots of laugh in the class,we all like him. In this week,I fell a little nervousness from the class.Because the final exam is coming soon,and I do not get ready,still have a lot of work to do,such as increasing my vob,practicing listening ,studing gramma,and so on. more than that I always fell tired in the moring,and this might reduce the leaning efficiency in the class.So I will change my sleeping time next week,to go to bed earlier. To be honest,I did not start to prepare my oral presentation yet,so I will  search relatice information on the internet then make ppt after this boring weekend.

Good luck every one Good luck for me

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  1. There are too much things we can respond to in the given articles. I think 500 words is not the problem. However, the limited time is the matter that I am afraid of.