Sunday, December 5, 2010


 In this week , I read MX newpaper on the train and remembered many new vocabularies. I feel reading local newspaper can improve my reading ability and increase my reading speed.In addition,I can also learn local life style and know what the local people focus on.Reading MX is a efficient method to understand Austrian culture in a short term.I will continue to keep this habit. Now  let me talk about the writing.On Tuesday I wrote a response to an artical as my homework.It took me an houre to think the introduction and the strucure, because I was hestant about writing a good introduction.However when I began to write then my thought stream became smoothly and not be hestant anymore.After about one houre I finally finished my essay.Thus I found one of my fault is hasitation,sometime I could not start an  essay unless I consider completly.This haviour sometimes is good ,but sometimes it might waste too much precious time,especially during an examination. This habitat might the main reason why I am alway short of time in writing exam.So I will get rid of this habitat and consider the structure before writing as quickly as possible.

In the end ,May every friend have a good weekend .
I look forward the next week .

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