Friday, November 26, 2010

Course Goals and Strategies

1.For Reading
   Course Goals :
Enhancing my reading speed
Learning more vocabulary Owning a basic prediction about the paragraph before reading.


Frankly speaking, my reading speed is not fast enough because of my limited vocabulary. So I take it for granted that vocabulary related to reading speed directly. How to promote my vocabulary ability really is a significant and hard problem for me. I need to read more native English writer’s paragraphs. When I am on my way home, it takes almost 40 minutes in the train. During the time, I read some free newspapers, free magazines, such as Colse’ magazines for teaching readers how to cook. Of course, many new words I do not know in the reading, I record them in my vocabulary book. Then I will check them out in my e-dictionary after the whole paragraph reading.

Otherwise, one efficient way to learning more vocabulary is recite vocabulary books. I like to read IELTS vocabulary book before go to bad, even though I just read the vocabulary book as a novel book. Because it is hard to recite every new word at one time. Sometimes I could recite one new word in the first day study, but I could not remember it in the second day.

Prediction plays an important role in reading. If I could predict the general idea before read a paragraph in a short time; my reading speed and understanding will get twice the result with half the effort. I have tried to predict the general idea before read, I think the first and last sentences in a paragraph are very helpful for predicting, they usually are the main idea of a paragraph.

What is more, keeping reading everyday is the key to improve reading ability. I spend 1 hour on reading every day. I believe it will work if I keep the habit for a long time.

Course Goals:
Leaning to take good notes.
Understanding more specifics in listening.
expand my vocabulary
Vocabulary, I mention it again. It really is a big problem in my English promotion. I need to learn new words anytime, anywhere. I should put my e-dictionary in my pocket just for checking the new words out immediately when I meet them; maybe they are on the street, in the train and supermarket, etc.

Just Listen and write them down, it sounds easy, but hard to do. I have read countless listening notes. Short, brief, general ideas are the three principles of taking notes. One problem of my listening note is that not brief enough. I cannot control myself when I am taking note, I have to write down the whole words what I listened. This problem caused my notes are messes after listening. I have tried to use brief words and sentences to record information. However, I need some time to accustom it.

It is well known that many reasons cause to listening issues. Accent is one of them. I used to listen to American accent, but now I have to accustom Australia English; it is a hard change for me. So in my listening, many specifics are lost. I believe one sentence, “Practice makes perfect”. More listening will change my loss specifics problem. I know listening will be the most difficult part in E7 final exam. Keeping listening everyday are very necessary.

In my plan, I must listen approximate to 1 hour per day. Radio, TV, Movies, all of this stuff can be used for my listening practice.

Course Goals:
Trying do not be shy when speaking English.
Improving my English fluency.
Avoiding grammar and inaccurate words use.

Going hot and cold when I am speaking English is result of I am not confident on my oral English. Because of my shyness, my English speaking is still in a poor situation. I have tried my best to conquer my prudency last week, when I was speaking English with a person, I tried to smile and use body language to relax, and anyway, I found it was helpful. Every night before I go to bed, I always tell myself, do not be afraid of making mistakes when u speaking English, it is nothing dig deal. I do not know whether this sentence is helpful, but I persist in saying it to myself.

Speaking fluent English always is my dream. I still do not how to realize it, now. I have analyzed which influenced on speaking fluent English; I consider the crucial part is word use problem. When I want to express my opinion in English, because I am not a native English speaker, I have to search correct word in my brain store, which needs some time, if it takes a long time to search or you cannot search the word; your fluent express will be disturbed. More speak is a good way to improve oral English. There are numerous native speakers around me, why cannot I speak to them? Different cultures, different counties make many topics for speaking. Of course, I have not carried this strategy out. Maybe I still cannot overcome shyness. Setting up confidence is the thing I have to do firstly.

It is universally acknowledged that some English words have the same meaning. But their uses are different. So many inaccurate words I used are totally worry. I have noticed the native speaker words use in their sentence, learned how to use some words I am sure,
Based on what I have illustrated above, keep speaking as I can as possible.

Course Goals:
Reducing spelling mistakes
Enhancing my grammar in writing
Making my essay more logical as a English native writer.

I think spelling mistakes are avoidable in writing. Almost all of my spelling mistakes due to my incaution. The faster I write, the more spelling and grammar mistakes I do. So I need to concentrate on during my writing time. I consider the only way I can do in this case is do more writing exercises.

Grammar is the rule of writing; I have to admit that I have numerous grammar problems in my English. For me, this is the most difficult part to improve, especially in the writing part. However, I have been start to read an English grammar book, which is named Oxford Student Grammar, . I consider the structures of sentences are hard. But I will try my best.

Reciting some classical English sentences is helpful for both writing and speaking. So I choose New Concept English as a reciting stuff. Some people whose English are better to me told me that this book is very efficient for the writer is native English speaker.

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