Saturday, November 27, 2010

Discussion Board - Money talks

As a chinese young student who lived in China for 20 years,I admit that English is very popular in most Asian countries currently.More than that,not only the Chinese government encourage young students to study English during school time,the parents also concern their children English score.In China many high-educated parents teach their children English when their chilfren are still little kid.And many rich families send their children to international school where can provide English education enviroment ,even the totur fee are probably maginifcant high compared with public schools. 

The evidents listed above are totally true,thus some western people might say,'English have took over all Asia!' But I will tell them, English is difinately important,but cannot weaken Chinese culture.I will discuss the reason why english is not chinas premier language

The first reason is that the Chinese goverment add English as a composory subject in University because China want to learn advanced tec. from the western countries.The first time that English  became the composory subject in China is in 1978 ,after 30 years Chinese tranditional culture has not been changed .Chinese tranditional culture is still powerful ,and more and more atractive to the neiboure countries.

The second reason is Madarin as a antient language has some specail aspects ,such as the graceful letters,the special gramma and penmanship. In addition, a lot of antient books which are writen in Chinese teach the descendants some philosophy of life.So educated Chinese love Chinese language. On the other hand,English cannot provide those thing to us.

These are still some resons why English is not chinas premier language, I believe we should learen more than one language like English, but we should not loss our tranditiomal culture and the core value.

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