Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Learning Style


Visual learners
      Visual learners attend to information most effectively when they see something, for example, pictures, diagrams, films and videos or demonstrations. Check to see if some of the following characteristics may apply to you.

Behaviours/ characteristics of visual learners:
  • Remember what they see rather than what they hear
  • Remember diagrams and pictures
  • Prefer to read and write rather than listen
  • Have trouble remembering verbal instructions
  • Need an overall view and purpose before beginning a project
  • Like art more than music
Sometimes tune out when trying to pay attention.
Study hints for visual learners:
  • Take written notes in lectures & class
  • Use colours to highlight important points
  • Pay attention to diagrams, charts and pictures in text books
  • Use mind-maps (with colours & diagrams) to organise information for an assignment or for revision for an exam.
  • Put summaries and mind-maps on the walls in your study area
  • Use a wall planner.

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